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Nous offrons une ambiance conviviale et invitante pour vous et tous vos ami(e)s.Nous offrons une qualité son et d'éclairage supérieur pour amplifier votre expérience. I'm studying biology, and I work in the mental health field 4. Je parle français aussi, alors n'hésite pas si t'es francophone :) 3. J'aime explorer les sens et la pensée, découvrir et redécouvrir la vie, réfléchir et agir... It usually involves a fatter wallet, and a cleaner place, and a newfound respect for hangovers. A "student bar" can be a pretty fluid term, except when the bar in question is quite literally on a university's grounds and held within the students' society building, as is the case with Mc Gill's on-campus bar Gerts.

Montreal also has a huge gay community; Montreal was host to the first world Outgames.

Le Date est le seul endroit en Amérique du Nord à offrir ce service aux amateurs de Karaoke.

Le Date est située au 1218, rue Ste-Catherine Est, en plein coeur du village gai de Montréal.

We have various events and activities to meet everyone's lifestyle...... meeting people and new friends is what its all about.... Our Meetup group is designed for you to meet new and old friends with people you like!! Finding love is all about taking chances, and being pro-active.

Outdoor Recreation activities such as Beach Days, Zip Lining, Hiking, Kayaking, and much more ....... Jazz Fest, Rib Fest, Lobster Clam Jam just to name a are looking for dancing come and enjoy our once a month mix and mingle, or the numerous 5-7's in and around the Montreal area........ You can quickly see who you click with and want to see again ! Social mingling is the best way for singles to meet face-to-face in a fun, low-pressure, setting with other singles looking to date. Be ready to meet others in your age range in one easy flowing evening and or any of the great activities available, choose the ones you like to experience again!

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    It meant a lot that the caregivers agreed to meet with me prior to their first visit to my dad and I liked reading the visit log the caretakers filled out each day.

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