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Politically, the County is heavily Democrat with a Democrat County Executive and County Council.

Observers are noting, if this anti-LEED sentiment can manifest it itself here it can happen anywhere.

In areas with combined sewer-stormwater systems, heavy storms can overload the wastewater system and cause it to flood, dumping raw sewage into the local waterways.

Green roofs decrease the total amount of runoff and slow the rate of runoff from the roof.

A green roof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier and drainage and irrigation systems.

Government should not be invasive in the way of mandating increased performance, which essentially is what mandating LEED would do.Green roofs serve several purposes for a building, such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, increasing benevolence There are two types of green roof: intensive roofs, which are thicker, with a minimum depth of 12.8 cm (5.0 in), and can support a wider variety of plants but are heavier and require more maintenance, and extensive roofs, which are shallow, ranging in depth from 2 cm (0.79 in) to 12.7 cm (5.0 in), lighter than intensive green roofs, and require minimal maintenance.The term green roof may also be used to indicate roofs that use some form of green technology, such as a cool roof, a roof with solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic panels.As a practical matter, throughout the County the market now requires Class A office building be LEED Gold if not Platinum.But all of that will be repealed and the existing LEED building requirements will be abolished.

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