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Your perfect match is only a click away - visit Telegraph Dating.Movie Night for Couples If Red is for Romance, then it’s our favorite color! Continue Reading Superhero Movie Binge Watch I don't know about you, but my husband LOVES all things superhero.While there is some truth to these concepts - because none of us wants to be with someone exactly like us in every way - two people... Read more No matter if you love or hate texting, it’s hard to escape the “texting phase” in a budding relationship.Read more I read Save the Date, mostly on my front porch, in a hammock. In the best case, it’s an exchange of witty one-liners and fascinating reveals that create a slow build of anticipation to chatting on the phone... Then you walk around the back of the car and look through the rear window.102 Movie-Singles 本星期報名表格:­ 最新限定優惠: - 讚好MOVIE DATING專頁, 即享推廣優惠!We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

Dating can often be frustrating, especially if someone has been holding that single card for a while, but the key to conquering that frustration is to find joy in everyday things, including movies.

Treat your Sweet to a practically done-for-you date night at home with our Romantic Redbox Date Night! Hollywood is going all out with superhero action films lately, from Marvel to DC Comics, and he wants to see them all.

Infused with romance, and a whole lot of red, this date is packed with printable invites, treat tags, and a game to make you blush! There are so many movies out there to see that it makes for a perfect date night!

These lovable heroes in half-shells are having a comeback moment and we wanted to celebrate with them! Fall has once again blown in and with the leaves falling, the apples crisp, the breeze getting a little more brisk every day, we all know that Halloween is just around the corner! Continue Reading The BEST Date in All the Star Systems Where are all of our Trekkies at?! If there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? This iconic movie from my younger days is making a comeback in theaters this summer!

The date includes pizza with a twist, a fun game, and some photo props! We're not sure if it is just us, but when we think of Halloween we think of witches, and when we think of witches we think of everyone’s favorite wizard, the one and only, Harry Potter! Star Trek has had a huge following since it premiered in the 60's and it got a whole new fan base with the new films that started being produced in 2009 - making it popular across all generations. The fun-filled concept of quirky characters saving the world from ghosts is back! Keep that love alive and strong with another creative date night! The newest addition to the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, was a HUGE hit!

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