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In 2006, the announcement of a book by OJ Simpson in which he would give an allegedly hypothetical account of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ronald Goldman made waves. Shortly after the announcement, the book was canceled following outrage over Simpson profiting from the deaths. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," the book was to be published by Regan Books, a division of Harper Collins.Even foreign leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Boris Yeltsin eagerly gossiped about the trial. When Yeltsin stepped off his plane to meet President Clinton, the first question he asked was, "Do you think O.

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“The overwhelming evidence at the criminal trial proved that one and only person murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Victims of crime deserve nothing less than for the truth, and the whole truth to come out." Russo added that "Reports that say this film exonerates O. “The television programs and movies that are watched usually happen in the common area and the inmates vote on what they want to watch… The controversial Investigation Discovery documentary, “My Brother the Serial Killer,” which aired Wednesday, suggests that death-row inmate Glen Rogers is the one who murdered Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman. Hollie Mc Kay has been a Fox staff reporter since 2007.

To the young, naive teen, the message was simple: crime doesn't pay.

It's a mantra that, more than 60 years later, William Dear still swears by.

Since establishing his own investigation agency in 1961, Dear has garnered a reputation as one of the planet's most decorated private eyes.

If the early reports of the murder of the wife of the ex--NFL football star (turned-NBC-sports-announcer) hadn't caught people's full attention, Simpson's surreal Bronco ride on the day of his arrest certainly did--ninety-five million television viewers witnessed the slow police chase live. PST on October 3, Judge Ito's clerk read the jury's verdict of "Not Guilty," 91% of all persons viewing television were glued to the unfolding scene in the Los Angeles courtroom ....

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