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Parents need to be vigilant and monitor the sites, services and apps that their children access.

Before the game starts, you will see a countdown timer on your screen. When the ball drops to a numbered slot, dealer will input the winning number in the computer which will be displayed on your screen. When you lose, your bets will be automatically deducted. While this game is carried out as close as possible to the Live Roulette game, unavoidable errors sometime occur.

We offer you the European Roulette, the most popular casino game of chance.

All you have to do is choose among 37 numbered slots and bet on the number where you think the spinning ball will drop. You may also choose if the winning number will be ‘Red’ or ‘Black’, and ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’.

While this countdown runs, you can place your bets on the Roulette layout on the screen. When the countdown reaches ‘Zero’, no more bets are allowed. You can confirm this winning number from the live video coverage of the actual game which is broadcast to you in “real time”. When such errors occur, we (the operator) have the absolute right to decide on the necessary settlement that is fair to all concerned.

Settlement of incidents shall be announced through our website which you can view on your screen. Despite the unavoidable time lapse in internet connection broadcast, we shall do all necessary procedure to let you see on your screen the actual game and game result.

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